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Whatsapp Deleted
Whatsapp Deleted messages recovery app Download

Whatsapp Deleted app review:

This is the new and awesome app with the description of View deleted messages and photo recovery.
View Deleted Whatsapp messages, images, photos and chat recovery app for whatsapp: This is one of the best app which provide you the best function to restore or undelete messages.

This recover app allows user to recover deleted messages or undelete chat/message of your friends which got accidentally erased. It is really confusing the user to see this message was deleted. The Main function of this app is to undelete the message and recover photos and store it just for you. You can save photos of face app too.

The Main features of this new App ?
It allows the user to view deleted message of whatsapp and photos and store them automatically and deletes it when time the limit reached.
These are the three main special features of these messages of recovery app.

When your saved message got erased ?
Now you are able to view such message which was deleted from whatsapp for upto 13 hours. This way it helps you to save your phone storage. After this, you cannot read deleted messages of WhatsApp or any other apps. The main purpose of this app is only to save your phone’s storage.

How to view these deleted messages:
In order to use the most of its features, the user has to allow notification permission to access the main features of this application. Some of the extra features will also be added in the next upcoming days.

How does it really works: ?
When a message arrives view deleted whatsapp messages application will save it inside your internal storage. Whenever user opens this app they can see these saved messages according to time and name.

How to Lock this app:
🛡 This app has added app lock for your privacy.
🛡 App locker was disabled by default. If user want to enable it anytime going to the Settings.
🛡 Locker of this app is inbuilt. No need to use any external app locker to lock this app.
🛡 setting up of app locker to protect others to view deleted WhatsApp messages.

To start app locker user should follow below steps in order?
👉 Open the app in your mobile
👉 Click three dots on top right corner
👉 after that Click on the settings option
👉 Now then Click on pattern lock
👉 Then draw your patter times
👉 And Confirm to save and enable the locker completely

Now every time you open the app, it will ask the password. This keeps your app safe and the reach of others.


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