via browser android app
via browser android app

This is one of the best and awesome mobile browser app specially for android smart phones. Some of the best features of this app is that which makes this app more special in comparison with other famous browsers avail in the market. It is the best looking beautiful and safe browser you ever seen in your life time till dated. If you install this app you will experience some great features as given below;

✔ Customized Browser
You can easily customize this Via browser as of it is your own web browser. Best android browsers for you to design your own homepage in your own ways.
✔ Lite app to blouse
This VB is designed in such way that it uses very Minimal memory for processing. The Best choice for users who want to enjoy this lite products.
✔ Fastest Browse app
This Via browser is comparatively smooth for most android devices can be optimized a lot to browse fast.
✔Quiet Browsing
This VB won’t push news and other unwanted things to you. No bother to your android devices.
✔ Mini Browser
This VB use comparatively much less memory usage on your smart phone device and keep your android devices as fast as new device.

Some of the important features of Via browser are as mentioned below;
• Privacy Protect
• Bookmarks
• Adds-on
• Date saving
• Customizing the app
• Ad blocker
• Web page saver
• Translator a special option
• Find in page
• Night-mode option for safe night browsing which protects your eyes
• Computer or desktop – mode option
• Search engine switcher
• Intelligent mode picture show
• Free to design you homepage

This Via browser pay special attention of the people to experience the beauty of this brouse with Fresh and lite way. All types of smart phones can use this app hassle free due of its lesser size and memory usage.It has huge ability of advanced function such as web page code, weblog etc

►As Fast as lightning
This fast includes the processing speed of an application to open app and exit. Enjoy your fast web browser.
►Mini on android
This tiny app helps to save the memory of android device. Lite size also helps android device for smooth functioning than others. Enjoy your smooth web browser time.

To experience this app, download now for free!
We welcome your feedback. Enjoy your great time with Via Browsers Download.


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