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Ultra Lock Photo app, Did you ever tried this awesome featured app for your smart phone.
All other existing App Lock application provides you just either PIN or Pattern lock options to unlock your phone apps and vaults. Most of the time, friends / colleagues can guess such PIN or Pattern just by peeping over for a few times and remain success.

Whether your colleagues, friends and family members guessing your PIN number frequently? Then we provide the best solution with Ultra Lock app to solve your problem.

Ultra Lock Photo Apart from PIN / Pattern or both locking option, Ultra Lock provides the following special unique lock features,

★ Hours and Minutes PIN: This special option allows you to set current hours and minutes as your lock screen PIN code. For example, if the current time is 11:20 AM, then your lock screen PIN will be 1120. Since hours and minutes of the cell phone changes at every minute, your PIN will also be changed and you needn’t to remember PIN number ever changing.

★ Date and Month PIN: If you are not interested to change your screen lock PIN number to every minute, then you can set to make use of Date and Month as PIN which will changes to your lock screen PIN number to current Date and Month. For example, if your current date is 06/08/2020 in DD/MM/YYYY format, then your screen lock PIN will appear as 0608. On the next day, the PIN will be 0609.

★ Battery and Battery PIN: Battery and Battery PIN can be set as your screen lock PIN, then current battery level in your cell phone PIN. For example, if your current battery level is 80% then your screen lock PIN will be 8080.

Apart from the above said, This app Ultra Lock provides you with various combinations of the Hours, Minutes, Date, Month and Battery level such as Minutes and Date PIN, Month and Minutes PIN, Hours and Date PIN, Minutes and Battery PIN, etc., Using them, you can make it tough for others to guess your App Lock password for secure.

Other Cool Features in the app,

★ Time-Based Lock: You can either enable or disable the lock for a particular set of apps based on the time. For example, you can lock your social networking applications only during your office working hours from 9 AM to 5 PM and unlock it after that time.

★ WiFi-Based Lock: You can also enable or disable your lock for a particular set of apps based on your WiFi connection. For example, You can enable your lock to Messaging apps when you connected to office WiFi connection and can be disabled lock when you get disconnect from that WiFi.


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