Touch Lock Screen
Touch Lock Screen app Download

Touch Lock Screen This great app allows you to display a cool photo on your cell phone screen and use it as a quick and safe way to unlock by just touching specific position of the photo appeared!!
The touchscreen on screen lock can simply allows to set “touchpad password” with the touching at specific positions on your photo screen such as eyes/ nose/ mouth/ face/ hand.

Touch Lock Screen
Touch Lock Screen app Download
  • It also provides an advance level of security feature as both “Photo” and “Touch position” sets in the screen lock will becomes a touch password.
  • As soon as others touches your mobile screen, a “warning” message pops up in no time and no one else can unlock it without you.
  • It also safeguards your cell phone with confidential / financial data or personal information.

Cool photos can turn into your cell phone password!!!

  • Can I too use the photos of K-pop stars and their stage performance which I cherish in my cell phone?
    Images of my girlfriend that I took in personal, the best shot of lifetime, travel photo, family photos and some other nice photos which I downloaded from different sources can also be used as strong password as well.
  • can I set my baby’s cute image on first screen of our grandmother’s cell phone to use it as both photo album or screen lock. To use any images I want, this is a genuine photo touch lock screen app for your mobile phone.

Security system is undoubtedly strong: An innovative way to avoid exposing the password to others is, while entering the “Touch Password”! It is because it comes only with the touch-lock screen.

Should I be concerned about the possibility that could touching photos makes our phone vulnerable to certain security systems such as an attempt to crack phone’s password either by guessing or unintended password exposure to other devices?

  • There is a new technology hidden feature with touch lock screen that prevents others from finding out what is actually makes up this “touch password” during its use.
    The password is hardly seen/ noticeable even if it is shown purposefully to others.
    This magical technology, which is being introduced for the first ever time in this world, is also a patented technology For more information visit my website click to watch.

This “Touch screen lock” is a graphical system which uses authentication (GUA) technology such as touch password/ random password and other such technologies which are being protected by patents, so they are being prohibited from being reproducing or modified without permission.


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