Super Status
Super Status app download

Super Status Bar adds a useful tweaks to your smart phone intensification s such as gestures, notifications, previews, and quick brightness with volume control.

Super Status
Super Status app download

Everything about this app with its special features with its tweaks is fully customizable as you want, making it in a easy way to change things the way you like it.
Apply different styles such as iOS 12 status bar, MIUI 10 and Android Q etc.


  • You can easily change brightness and volume by just swiping the status bar
  • Includes: Brightness control as well as media/music, ringing, notification, voice of call and alarm volume
  • It allows you to automatically detect the type of sounds playing. If you’re listening to music, swiping along with the status bar which can change your music volume haslefree


  • To bring back unobtrusive status bar notification of ticker text
  • Whenever a new notification arrives, it will be displayed in your status bar
  • The diff style can be fully customized as you want to your likings
  • Replaces heads upto notifications if you can enable it


  • You can use these simple gestures in the status bar to perform customized actions
  • Including: tapping, double tapping, long press and swiping left/right

Available actions:

  • Double tapping to sleep (to turn off screen)
  • Flash light or phone torch
  • Toggled rotation
  • Opened apps
  • Opened apps shortcuts
  • Screenshots
  • Power off menu
  • Back / Home / Recent
  • Go back to previous / next app
  • Setting brightness (while tapping)
  • Expand your notification
  • Expand phones quick setting
  • Split your mobile phone screen


  • Change the style of your status bar icons of mobile smart phones to iOS 14, MIUI 12 or Android Q (many more!)
  • Hide your status bar icons whenever you don’t want to see
  • Change the color of your icons and the status bar background as you want

Super Status Bar modie

  • Vibration whenever tapping with quick settings as an additional special features


  • Display your current phone battery level as small bar along with the status bar
  • Animates it whenever it’s charging
  • It allows to fully customizing with colors and positions
    Download it now for free!


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