images download app
images download app

This Application is named as PictPicks an Image searcher app which was changed from Image Search Viewer.

PictPicks is free application mobile app which helps the user to search images and photos in a simple way from your mobile using this awesome app.
It is user friendly and comfortable to use because of its applied Material Design well.
This is new and different kind of app which takes help from Google to search the images
This can be used in all types of android mobiles

While searching images from your mobile, you can observe some of the following functions.

  • Users are allowed to search any type of images by using search option just by typing text
  • Search can also be done by uploading the related images from your own mobile phones just by clicking image and then select from your own devices
  • Use queries of your search history
  • Users are allowed filter settings of their own choice (size, color, type, time)
  • It also gives you the safe search for your mobile devices

And user can use image as following operation.

Special features of this app:

  • View image in app itself and can be zoomed upto four times
  • Search only related image
  • It allows user to save searched images
  • It also allow users to Share images from app itself
  • App allows the user to Use images from wallpaper and contact photo to search
  • You can search the filtered images of your required types
  • The special feature of this app is it won’t gives unrelated images other than searched types
  • It gives user to rotate, crop and other option to use.
  • It gives unlimited search
  • It is a free mobile android app
  • It searches all kind of images
  • It gives special features of search just by clicking the new image from user mobile camera.
  • 1 image =1000 words
  • It requires internet to search images
  • It is light app and requires less memory
  • This app allows user to share this to your friends
  • It searches only images
  • It searches images in a fast and best possible way
  • It gives an additional option to user is edit image before uploading for search
  • This app searches all latest images
  • This loads the images without buffering and it is so fast

Pics picks App all in one Photo downloading App Download Google playstore link click this link to download app.


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