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Funny Notification :

This is the new android phone app which creates fake notification in just 3 steps. The uses have to Input app name, message and then select icon. There are some seamless ways to use this new app and the important use of this app is to “Get rid from extreme unwanted situation just by faking important notifications from your relatives”. This app is lite and uses less battery and also allows the user to saves battery power frees up memory and improves performance. This app requires android version 4.4 and above for its best performance.

The most important features of this application are as mentioned below;

  1. It allows the user to Create notification on the spot.
  2. The user can Schedule multiple notifications at the same time without hurdle
  3. History of Notifications can be checked by the user when ever necessary
  4. This app allows the user to Re-send all the old notification
  5. Its special feature allow the user to edit all the old notification in just a click
  6. This app allows the user to set user icon, for example who has sent the message
  7. This app is recently updated and release always new updates notification to your android mobiles
  8. It works best even the batter percentage is low

Funny Notification app also allows the user to create new notifications as listed below:

  1. Facebook
  2. Snapchat
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Instagram
  5. Hike
  6. Phone
  7. Clash of clan
  8. Musically
  9. linkedin
  10. Tinder
  11. Gmail
  12. Messenger
  13. Amazon
  14. Google+
  15. Headphones
  16. Music
  17. Twitter
  18. Hangouts
  19. Google drive
  20. YouTube
  21. Line
  22. Jaumo.
  23. Wattpad etc..

The Premium Package for this app includes unlimited editing of old and new notifications and also allows to set user icons. It has downloads more than one million. It is size is just 5.2 MB

This app asks for the storage permissions to access and store user icons for all notifications having user icons. So user are requested to give permission otherwise it will not work properly.

Imp Note: The app do not send or store any personal data or information. This app is completely free from such things. We just show only ads and you can get rid of them just by buying premium version if necessary.
The user can download this app free of cost ;
Thank you for your support and downloading this app


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