Duplicate Files remover
Duplicate Files remover app download

Duplicate Files Remover app :

Duplicate Files Fixer app allows the user to removes un wanted files from their Android device so that they can recover the additional storage space without much tension. Moreover, similarly such photo cleaner with the latest feature added to the application will also remove similar pictures too.

Using this tool, user can search for similar pictures, copies of files stored on their phone’s internal or external storages. Andapplication Fixer scans for oldfiles contents regardless of file name and formats. It is really great app.

What kind of problems is caused by duplicate files?

  ● It Slows down your Android device
  ● It Occupy unnecessary space
  ● It Creates a mess and disarray on your devices
  ● It Clutters device making to find data difficult
  ● It Makes searches more complicated and slow
  ● It Reduces storage capacity by a major percentage

Special Key Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

  ● It Searches for an accurate duplicate file stored on your Android device
  ● It Identifies both exact and similar looking copies of photos too
  ● It Detects and deletes all types of old filesfrom mobile
  ● It also White lists Android files to avoid accidental deletion
  ● It Preview all detected un wanted files for safer search
  ● It Fully scan mode and other advanced search methods
  ● It Comprehensively duplicate finder and removal tool
  ● It Options to set special scanning criteria
  ● It Automatically mark option to quickly remove duplicates

Why this app necessary?

  ● Interface: This nifty tool will makes detection and removal files in a super easy. In just a tap you can scan your devices for all files and can get rid of them at any time.
This App also provides dual themes – Classic and Material, to outspread its reach to users. The difference in both themes will be their interface.
Whether the classic theme is simple or plain, the material theme is attractive but shows categorized results. These themes can also be accessed from extra Files Fixer and Remover settings.

  ● Super-Fast Scanning Engine: Scanning for vaste files are done at lightning faster speed.
  ● Similar photo Cleaners: Cleans both duplicate and similar photos from your mobile
  ● Exclude Folders: It Prevent folders of your choice from being scanned for duplicates files.
  ● Scan any file type: user can also scan specific file types for duplicates be it media, documents or any. Furthermore, user can also scan all at once, the choice is yours.


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